St. Mary High School

St. Mary High School


Faith and Courage

In an age when education is paramount, St. Mary High has for over sixty years been an institution that has invested richly in the education of our nation's children. The school was established in pre-independent Jamaica, a time when educational opportunities were rare. St. Mary High School then, represented a beacon of hope in the east for those who wanted and needed to learn. It was through the hallowed doors of this noble institution that students from various communities in St. Mary and surrounding parishes came to build the legacy that is apparent today.

Mission Statement

To partner with our stakeholders in providing an environment which strengthens the community, caters to multiple intelligences, intellectual growth, heightened socio-cultural, emotional, spiritual and environmental awareness, ultimately leading to individual, community and national success.

Vision Statement

A student-friendly, environmentally stimulating educational institution, developing multiple intelligences that will lead to optimal growth of students and nation.

Pushing ourselves to the limit

Whether it's sports, academics, or any other challenging pursuit the St Mary High school team always gives its all. Each student plays a vital role in propelling the entire team forward. We seek the welfare of all team members and equipt them to face the challenges of life. As their true abilities are realized our champions will journey onwards, playing their own special roles in the game of life.

Producing top athletes since 1960

We pride ourselves in our outstanding sports performance over the decades; especially in the area of Track and Field. We have been going strong in this field, from scoring points in Boys Champs 1965 to winning the 2019 Eastern Champs! Our school has the equipment to train our students in a multitude of sports such as: netball, cricket, long jump, football, and tennis. As each new generation of students participate in the schools athletics another batch of sports legends is created, and with that the St Mary High School team becomes even stronger.

We are Self-Disiplined

The St Mary High School Cadet Unit continues to be a vibrant and progressive Unit. With an establishment of three platoons and a drum corps, around one hundread and twenty persons, the Unit has been able to maintain a determination and enthusiasm in executing planned activities. These activities continue to depict the forces' motto, "To Unite, To Serve, To Lead". Besides the core functions and programmes, (camping, drills, map reading, field craft, exploration, and expedition) the members of the Unit are constantly, actively engaged in Community Service Projects and other civic duties. These activities continue to instill in cadets, civic pride and respect for humanity.


At St Mary High students are guaranteed a quality secondary education. Wherever our students go and whatever they strive to achieve it is evident how St Mary High school has shaped their character and prepared them to face challenges in the world. While in school students are encouraged to keep their goal in sight and be steadfast in their endeavors. We instill in our students the virtues of courtesy, charity and respect. At St Mary High school students are intellectually stimulated, both in class and in the variety of extra-curricular activities we have at the school such as 4H Club, Chess, Key Club, Tourism Action Club, Science Club, Quiz Club, Art Club among others.


St Mary High School has been my home of Secondary Education for 5 years. With its professional teaching staff and educationally friendly environment, St Mary High School has been the driving force for my academic performance. The great intellectuals of St Mary High have instilled in me the prized education necessary to pursue my goals, which instigated my success at the CSEC level where I received a distinction in all eight (8) subjects - a great academic achievement. Not only that, with its wide variety of extra-curricular activities to help create a more rounded individual, it is no wonder why St Mary High is one of the most 'sought after' schools in the island. Thank you St Mary High!

Yaneek Marshall - 8 CSEC Distinctions - Past Student 2008

Attending St Mary High School has been a blast! I cherish the memories: fun times at drama club, concerts and representing the school at J.C.D.C.; excellent mentors who eventually became my 'parents' As I leave I'll take the lessons learnt - respect for authority, self pride, loyalty to school and nation, time management skills, how to make wise decisions and prioritizing God in my life.

Rayon Daley - 5 CAPE Subjects - Past Student 2008

The most outstanding feature of St. Mary High School is the high level of discipline that is required and displayed by the students. This is no doubt reflection on the inspirational leadership of our Principal. Another facet of St Mary High that is truly remarkable is the great level of commitment displayed by all members of staff. They serve as role models of the student body as to the dedicated attitude we should have towards our studies. The establishment of 20 clubs and societies have aided in the development of well-rounded students.

Lynval Green - 10 CSEC Passes - Past Student 2008

The power is in the mind when pen meets paper. It is this power that over the years has motivated me to achieve more. Where to achieve however was the question to be answered. St Mary High School came as my answer. Having accepted word that St Mary High provides an excellent learning environment worth exploiting, I now know it is a fact. I too, came to find some of the most arduous workers - they call themselves teachers.

Tamari Miller - 4 CAPE Distinctions - Past Deputy Head Boy 2008

The St Mary High School has given me seven rich and fulfilling years, during which I was molded into a well-rounded individual, one who epitomizes the 'faith and courage' that was constantly inculcated by the mentors of this noble institution. Its student-friendly environment not only enabled me to excel beyond my imagination but provided me wit invaluable experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime. In appreciation for all that St Mary High has bestowed on me, I must venture in aiming to reach the highest level of success, where I will not only elevate the St Mary High School flag but become a positive role model to future students and to be in a capacity where I can help to maintain its prestige and make generous monetary donations to the development of this noble institution, especially the Science Department.

Tiffany Hedge - 4 CAPE (3 Distinctions) - Past Prefect 2008

St Mary High School has provided a variety of clubs and societies which have prompted me to become involved in several extra-curricular activities. It is through these involvements that I have contributed to this noble institution. As a part of the ScienceFair Team for several years I represented St. Mary High at the JPS Science Fair where we received trophies, cash prizes, microscopes and triple beam balances for the school, and as a member of the Track Team, I represented St Mary High School in the Eastern Cross Country. I also participated in the Spanish Festival, JCDC Festivals and Science Quiz. As the crowned Miss St Mary 2007-2008, I initiated a book drive in aid of the school's library.

Sasha-Gay Wright - Top Female Performer CAPE 2008 - Past Student Council Vice President 2008

Being placed in a new environment after six years of complacency at Primary School converted me to a shy person but that soon disappeared. This was a result of the friendly environment here at St. Mary High School that allowed me to develop my social skills and leadership ability. I learned how to gain the respect of my school mates and I grew into a person that was deemed fit to help lead the student body.

Khrystal Binns - 8 CSEC Distinctions - Past Deputy Head Girl 2008

Personal development is a vital aspect of one's education and co-curricular activities, in my opinion, help to build a person's self-esteem, self confidence, character; develop social skills and personalities. I have been a member of the 4-H club for six years. It had made me more aware of my environment - activities that will destroy it - and those that will create a healthier and safer world. It has also contributed to my culinary and artistic skills through quick thinking, planning and reasoning. Most importantly, under the wings of the Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF), I have become a kinder, more compassionate individual who has 'reached out' to not only my peers but school mates and teachers alike.

Rapheala Richmond - 8 CSEC Subjects - Past Deputy Head Girl 2008