St. Mary High School

Principal Profiles

Linden W. Brown

Mr Linden W Brown was, in every sense of the word, a true pioneer in the hostory of St. Mary High. He stood like a colossal figure among his contemporaries and epitomized a period of academic renaissance. He has contributed significantly to hte establishment of St. Mary High as a reputable academic center, not only in his capacity as pioneer principal, but also as a prudent and charismatic individual who had high esteem for values and attitudes. His contribution spanned far beyond leadership at the school as he served as an examiner in Geography for the Teachers' Colleges External Examinations and also taught the subject at school. The pioneer principal was blessed with academic prowess. He was firm and unflinching in his discipline; always reiterating the importance of diligence and determination. Mr. Brown was fond of the arts. It was not surprising, therefore, when he, in collaborarion with his wife, developed a community music center at the school. The use of the violin and classical mmusic were two aspects expounded in the center. In fact, it was because of his patient guidance that St. Mary High School earned an excellent reputation for its choral singing. The visual arts was also a favourite pastime for Mr. Brown. Appropriately then, it was duting those early transitional years that many of the clubs and societies which are now a nucleus of extra-curricular activities at the school, were established. Mr. Brown was a true stalwart in the development of St. Mary High. The sheer eminence and grandeur of St. Mary High School today is due, in very significant proportions to the work of Mr. Lindel Brown.

Edgar Uriah Cargill

"I shall be brutal." Famous words from a famous man, who epitomized the characteristics of strength and vibrancy in our society. Whether it was his quiet tall dignaty, majestic carriage of his honourable character which earned him the affectionate name Brutus, Mr. E. U. Cargill was able to command respect nd undivided attention from all those who graced his presence. This was probably most evident in his students and contributed to his great success as a teacher. His service to the community was tremendous, having been involved in various service organizeations such as JAMAL., the St Mary Parish Library, the Licensing Authority, the Juvenile Court and he also served as Justuice of the Peace. He was truly mixed with all the elements of a great man. He, Mre. Cargill, bravely took on the task of heading a "sleepy institution on the hill" with a student population of only four hundread and transformed it into one ofthe most exemplary, vibrant institutions for learning in St Mary and indeed in Jamaica. There was infrastructural developmentt such as the building of the Sixth Form and 'A' blocks. There was also the introduction of Buisiness Education, Industrial and Technical Arts in the curriculum. These endured that a wider rangeof subjects was available to the students. His most noteworthy achievements came in the area of sports , for which he had a driving passion. In athletics during the 70's and 80's the majority of Jamaica's national athletes came from the so-called "Cargillean Camp". Regrettably, Mr. Cargill is not with us anymore but the outstanding contribution he has made to the school and the community wil never be erased from our minds

Phillip Nathaniel Hamilton

Sturdy in stature, Mr Hamilton struck the pose of man firmly etched in uncompromising moral beliefs and dedication to service that was unsurpassed by many and admired by all. A family man and an active member of the community, Mr Hamilton made his contribution as a Justuice of the Peace, Lions Club Secretary and Past President of the St Mary Chamber of Commerce. With Mr Hamilton in the driver's seat between 1985 and 1990, St Mary High School was upgraded and maintained its position as a beacon for other schools in the parish. He encouraged students and members of staff to project and raise the flag of teh school, so that the whole community could stare in admiration at its achievements. Despite his staunch disciplinary attitude, Mr Hamilton was someone who both staff and students could treasure as a confidant. As one teacher said "He was my confidant and advisor in the darkest of times".

Lt Col E. V. Johnson

A patriot at heart, Col. E. V. Johnson is a gentleman on a mission. For over 30 years his visionary has dedicated himself to the "cause" of education. This has been reflected in the varied and impressive success the school has achieved through his inspirational leadership. A son of the parish, the colonel has a passion for the youths of the parish, and young men in particular. His desire is that their potential be fully realized so that they can make a worthwhile contribution to nation building. Mr Johnson's rise in the Cadet ranks from 2nd Lieutenant in 1975 through to Captaim, Major and Lt Colonel has reflected the importance he places on discipline. This propels him to continually encourage the students to develop self-discipline in mind and body throught their involvement in various co-curricular activities. One such group is the Cadet Corps which he led to the enviable position of being the number one Unit in the island for many years. He has proven himself to be a very innovative and prudent Principal who avails himself of every opportunity to keep abreast of the latest trends in education as he strives to maek St Mary High School the very best in the island. The freat expansion of the school's physical plant and general facilities during the last eighty years attest to Mr Johnson's 'management savvy'. It is no surprise that the school has wom the National Council of Education Awards for best managed school, and the school has become one of the most sought after school for GSAT students. Some say that 'the reward for hard work is more work' and this describes Mr Johnson's service to the nation. His many community involvements include Chairman of the Jamaican Legion Poppy Appeal Committee for St Mary, Chairman of the St Mary Library Service, Chairman of he Rural Secondary Schools Cricket Commitee and Chairman of teh Eastern Secondary School Athletic Championship. Undoubtedly, his most famous times with the students would be 'story time' at the end of each weekly Monday morning devotion. This medium is always used to focus on values and attitudes for there is always a moral to each story.